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This is a year long program access course due to continuing updates and enhancements. 

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The Peptide Advantage Program

Module Breakdown:

Module 1: Anti-Aging Peptides:

The Goal of Module 1 is for you to understand the cellular, metabolic and hormonal mechanisms behind aging and how to use peptides to reverse this problem.

  • The Challenge: Balancing growth without disease, and cellular death without decline in vitality.
  • The Original Biohackers were the Chinese Emperor’s who sought after the Immortal Elixir for thousands of years and I think they would have loved peptides!
  • Yin/Yang of Peptides balancing mTor and AMPk pathways
  • Skin/Hair peptides
  • Anti-Aging and Growth Hormone Stacks

Module 2: Peptides for Joint Pain and Regeneration

The Goal of Module 2 is to learn how to incorporate Peptide Therapy with other Regenerative Modalities like tissue allographs and exosomes.

  • The Challenge: Learn how to inject into the area vs. topical vs. SubQ.
  • The key learning opportunity is in using peptides to influence the inflammatory pathways and promoting stem cell proliferation with acupuncture, herbs and regenerative medicine.
  • Heal and Recover quicker
  • Less Scar Tissue build-up
  • Post-Surgical Support

Module 3: Peptides for Weight Loss, Diabesity and Metabolism

The Goal of Module 3 is to learn how to effectively turn on fat burning metabolic pathways with peptides. You will also learn how IGF-1 and Insulin work with diabetes.

  • The Challenge: Learn how to find out what peptides work best for weight loss based on where fat is accumulating.
  • The key learning opportunity is in influencing the metabolic pathways that govern heart disease and diabesity with peptides.

 Module 4: Peptides for Infections, Autoimmunity and Bio-Films

The Goal of Module 4 is to learn how to Peptide Therapy can safely be used with Lyme, Autoimmunity, Mold toxicity and Bio-Films, even with immunocompromised patients.

±  The Challenge: many immunocompromised patients are very reactive to any therapy so learn how to start slow and gentle.

±  The key learning opportunity is in the remodulation of immune health so that T-cells and WBCs can all function normal again. 

Module 5: Peptides and Nootropics for Neurogenesis

The Goal of Module 5 is to learn how to effectively use peptides for neurogenesis in patients who have had strokes, TBI’s, PD, MS, etc. You will also understand how to optimize cognition and memory with nootropics.

  • The Challenge: Correct the gut along with the brain and use lifestyle guidance in your peptide therapy. Glyphosate can be a major issue.
  • The key learning opportunity is to find out how to use nootropics and peptides for better sleep and brain performance.

 Module 6: Peptide Therapy Marketing, Sales and Business Structure

The Goal of Module 6 is to learn how to effectively create a profitable business model that incorporates peptide therapy. Marketing, sales and building programs are critical pieces of overall success.

  • The Challenge: wanting to know about every peptide before every building them into your medical programs. The key learning opportunity is to sell a program first and then use Parkinson’s Law to take it through the finish line.

What you'll receive:

  • Easy solutions for implementing Peptide Therapy into your programs

  • The “3-4-5 Method” for clinical implementation and team accountability

  • The marketing presentation (slides included) and educational videos to launch your program!

  • Understanding the “Top 10 Peptides” to start integrating into your care plans immediately

  • 24/7 Access to the Peptide Advantage Training Course

This service will be invaluable to your patients and your practice.

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