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Rapid Enrollment Mastery Course (ROF)

10Xs your Enrollment effectiveness and close rates!

The 2 Day R.E.M. (Rapid Enrollment Mastery) Process increased East West Anodyne's close rate to 90+%!

Take your skills to the next level with this insightful Virtual Training + eCourse.

What you'll get:

  • A phenomenal line-up of training including Mastering your confidence with closing patients on programs, Negotiation skills, Value Stacking, and exponentially increasing your Communication Skills! 

  • All videos recorded and resources accessible 24/7 online!
  • Learn to close plans from $5-10k by building value (not manipulation)
  • 2-Day REM  step-by-step guidance and scripts for what to say and how to flow with ease!

  • Build your team's skills on influencing prospects to sign up for plans



  • 4/6/12 month Wellness Plan templates done for you!
  • Unlimited access to any Upgraded content for 1 year!


This is the missing link and why so many Clinics struggle to have authentic conversations and close patients on their programs.  Don't miss out on this - the ROI will be 10Xs greater and will support you and your team exponentially for years to come.

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What People Are Saying:

The Rapid Enrollment Mastery Training is Gold!!! We had a Diabetes patient with PN. 3 Day REM got some good results with PN during those treatments. With the REM we focused on the patient's life, wife, and all that good jazz like we all learned in the Go Wellness Training. Talked about the plan after really focusing how we are going to change his life. Money was talked about for 30 seconds or so. Sold our largest Program to date.... 6 Month Program Acu + Herbs + Labs + Functional Medicine $7k We are on our way!!! 🤘❤️💯🦅😄💪

Dr. Eric Sherrell

"The REM training has been the most important skill I have learned since starting my business. Most health care practitioners focus on clinical skills, but ignore learning the communication skills necessary to enroll patients into care. Regan is a master, and I am continually impressed how he improves his REM process. Learning to master REM has allowed me to see over 50,000 patients. That clinical experience itself is much more valuable than any clinical class I could have taken. Also it has helped me grow my practice to a 7 figure practice. Take it, learn from it, implement it!"

Dr. Gene Healy